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Preview Google Android Mobile OS

For all of you  that don’t  know what android is, Android is mobile operating system from Google. By now(September 2008), there is no mobile device that use android in mobile phone because android is still in development. But if you are big fan from Google you can see the Android preview here.
 what would be Android Mobile OS look like?, look at this snapshot below. These pictures I got from Android emulator. This Emulator is part of Android SDK that you 
can download in Android Homepage .

first  snapshot is the Android First Look.

the second is the android main menu.
There are Alarm, API Demo Browser etc. The nice thing for the emulator are the Android applications really for especially for Internet Application and stand alone application like Alarm, calculator and the Browser.
Take a look for the Android open Google Homepage. 
When Android ready in market ? What is mobile Vendor will use it? Let’s waiting .

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