This is List of software and features in ETIX version 0.1 “sunrise”


  1. ETIX is Small,light and clean. ETIX ISO size only 350 MB and 430 With Netbeans
  2. ETIX was created from scratch.
  3. Automounting for all hardisk partition
  4. support networking (include dhcpclient script to get ip in your network)
  5. ssh client and ssh server include
  6. include JDK 6 update 3 for java application development
  7. Can be install into USB flashdisk
  8. light desktop with EDE and windowmaker
  9. easy of use and beautiful
  10. Can be used to learn linux and programming, especially java
  11. Include Aspell (spell checking ) for indonesian and english.
  12. And many more…..

but… best thing from ETIX is FREE ,
you just download it,burn it and try it.
get etix at in section DOWNLOAD

Software List

Kernel:Linux versi
GCC :4.1.2 (support C and C++)
GlibC :2.5.1
Xorg :Xorg 6.9
login Manager :Slim login manager
Java :JDK 6 update 3
IDE :NetBeans 5.5.1 for netbeans edition

Deskop and WIndowManager

  • EdeDeskop
  • WindowMaker

Development Tool

  • Jext -(Java Programmer Editor)
  • Jedit (Java Editor)
  • BlueJ (OOP and Java Learning Tool)
  • NetBeans 5.5.1 (for ETIX netBeans Edition)
  • ant 1.6.5 and make (Build tool)
  • motor (IDE in Text mode)
  • Jruby (for learning ruby languange in java environment)
  • Jython (for learning pyton languaage in java environment).
  • perl (for general scripting)


  • siag office(word processor,spreadsheet,editor,filemanager)
  • xpdf (pdf Reader)


  • JCDsee (picture viewer like ACDsee)
  • xmms (mp3 player)
  • mpg123 (comandline mp3 player)
  • mp3blaster (console mp3 player)

networking and Internet

  • ssh client and server
  • ncFTP,axpftp(ftp client)
  • dillo ,lynx dan links web browser.
  • pine mail client


  • Jed text editor
  • Vim with syntax highligting
  • pico,mcedit


  • xterm
  • xrvt
  • JfileRunner
  • freemind
  • xlock(X windows lock)
  • vlock (virtual console lock)

for mor info about application and other question please email me at [email protected]


by now,etix 0.2 (code:”edelweiss”) is in development phase,may be in febuary or march it will be release.
please read ETIX 0.2 Todo List if you want know.

By Candra Adi Putra

Candra Adi Putra S.Kom adalah Alumni STMIK AKAKOM Yogyakarta. hubungi saya di candraadiputra (at) gmail (dot) com

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