ETIX 0.2 Todo List (code :”edelweiss”)

ETIX 0.1 (code:”sunrise”) already relase one month ago(december 12, 2007),
now I must prepare for next relase
this is the list what will change (insyaallah)
in the next ETIX relase code:”edelweiss”
maybe the ETIX 0.2 will be relase on february or march 2008

etix 0.2 Todo List

->upgrade NetBeans to netBeans 6.0(full package for netBeans ed)
* support jme and jee development
* include glassfish,uml tool ,ruby an others
->upgrage ede desktop 1.2 ->ededektop 2.0
->include installer(etix2hd)
->support video (use Mplayer with all codecs)
->add windowmanager IceWM
->add firefox +thunderbird
->add mgp(magicpoint) (presentation software).
->include free java tutorial +etix documentation
–>add Xchm (chm reader)

->add wallpaper in boot menu
->add splash screen (bootsplash/splashy)
->change theme of slim Login Manager
->change theme of desktop ede and windowmaker
->add widgets (miniapp like calendar,clock and system monitor).

improvement/hardeware support
-> improve script booting
-> improve sound and LAN card drivers
-> improve script ssh server
->support samba client
->improve ntfs fs readwrite support
->support wifi(testing)
->add printer support(testing)
-> improve installer to flashdisk
->improve pdf reader(font path)
->improve network script

-remove network fileSystem client script
-remove useless java aplication in /opt
-remove useless library in /usr/lib